The Tibetan temple is a temple of mot city, Binh Duong province, Vietnam, located at no. 46B thich Quang Duc Commune, Chanh Nghia. Bring the beauty of architecture ancient land of Buddha, Tibet Temple Tibet attracts buddhist devotees, the tourist of about this buddhist ceremony, visit. Precursors of the temple is a big name Buu Flavour, hidden in the forest tree worship Buddha. To bring the name of Tibet and its unique architecture such as this day to undergo the long process. Predestined brings the Zen master Minh Tinh to the land of the Buddha in the years 1935-1937. Journey to conquer the mountain forest Hi himalayas and the adventurous to come to the capital of Tibet is also thrilling, not least to the West, and was the Zen master recorded in his diary, currently still saved in the temple. Then in 1937 he returned to rebuild the temple and changed the name now. But only after remodeling, 1992, color, ancient architecture, classical Tibetan new more bold. Step through the gate to the temple, going through roads shaded by trees tall, you will come to the massive structure. Frontispiece is a building that has overall as a cube shaped box, the paint color is dark yellow, has the contours red highlights. The middle of the pagoda is the tower height to 15m, design shapes box quadrangle. The roof of the temple has put 5 shrine, 5 this power not to use poetry 5 the supreme buddha of Tibetan buddhism, which is “Team position As Future”. Around the campus of the temple there are many trees lined all the temple's yard, there are many wire lantern decoration around the temple, shining, shimmering in counting makes the temple more the magical, sacred. Inside the frontispiece is the space buddha worship, chiễm throughout in the middle is Buddha shakyamuni high 2.3 m, sitting meditation, face, private, purity, along with statues of Buddha, other bodhisattvas in the surrounding makes the whole hall exudes the air bar. In this well presented much the big draw, the vivid colors draw the Buddha, the bodhisattva, but that guest workers were horizontal to said to the statue the master Dat Ma new year by the hair of thousands of Buddhists in Vietnam. Own your church Staff position As the Future, it's not every day that well open, that the devotees, tourists want to into this worship must go on 15, tenth 1âm monthly calendar or occasion, used in astrology, bai. The full moon day, tenth monthly or on the occasion of the beginning of the year, people often pull together up the Tibetan temple to the offertory blessing. East not to mention the most occasions pagoda held a ceremony to worship the praying for peace on the 8 January, especially at night. Source: Du Lich